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Thank you for your interest

Thank you for your interest in PD9 Hosting.

It is often said that the best thing that can happen to a good web hosting service is too much business!

As a provider of premium servicies, and in order to maintain our standards of quality, we are temporarily suspending our automated signup process. If you know someone who is already hosting with us, please ask them to refer you.

If you require development services, or a managed dedicated server, we are still providing these services. Please view our pages for more details.

PD9 Hosting

Why are you not accepting further signups?

Shared hosting is on an invitiation or referral only basis. This decision was made after careful deliberation in order to preserve our high standards of performance. At the moment, we do not have plans to expand our shared hosting availablility.

How can I get in?

If you know someone that hosts with us, please ask about a referral. Plus, you'll be earning your friend a $25 referral credit! If you have special circumstances, please contact us with details about your requirements.

This is a strange thing?

We're not your normal hosting company!

PD9 Hosting is operated by a group of serious developers and systems administrators. Now that the engine is self-sufficient, we would rather concentrate on providing high quality service to our friends and existing cilents rather than overextending ourselves and compromising service.